Get real with a refurb

Get real with a refurb

Giffgaff wanted to unlock a relevant way to reposition their refurb phone offer to genZ. As genZ’s purchasing power grows, so does their expectation of brands. They’re hyper-aware and 87% care about brand honesty - so how could giffgaff push themselves to be more candid?
Inject refurb phones into youth culture by creating the first branded finsta account. Build a feed of ironic, funny and upfront content in the style of a genZ finsta. To create a place they can forget fake news, look past ads and begin to respect giffgaff’s honesty.

Finsta: a second account where GenZ post unfiltered, more candid and funny content. This is a contrast to their main account, which is more heavily curated content.

Followers can use custom filters and gifs which will generate smart, savvy and sustainable conversation and content around refurb phones.

What I Did:

Creative Strategy, Art Direction & Design

Project Team:

Amy Pearce & Laurel Spears.

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